Friday, November 8, 2013

The Channel Islands and Running For It

The day we departed Ventura Harbor could not have been more perfect for a sail to Santa Cruz Island. The sun was warm and the dolphins were out to play and entertain us on our sail.

We dropped the hook at Prisoner's Cove around 4pm. Although the views were absolutely divine, this anchorage was less than ideal. It rolled all...night...long! Keegan was able to sleep but I had less luck in the rest department.

The water in the anchorage was quite clear and we could watch the schools of fish swimming around the boat and the giant kelp growing up from the sea floor.

The Channel Island visit only lasted until 3:30pm though as we flippped on the weather radio after feeling an increase in the rockiness at anchorage. A small craft advisory had just been issued and a gale warning was heading our way.

Seeing as our anchorage was so uncomfortable the night before where there was no wind, we decided the most reasonable action to take was making a run for it.

The engine was on, the anchor was up and we were making a bee line back to Ventura within 10 minutes. Immediately after leaving the anchorage we found the wind and the waves. Nothing like the rocking of angry waves at your beam!

We made it back to the channel outside Ventura Harbor without incident, but our arrival time was 7:30pm. Very much after sunset! This was our first time entering a marina after dark and even though we had already been in and out of this marina it was still a challenge.

Trying to decipher the lights showing us the navigation channel and the stop lights in the town was more challenging than we anticipated. I found myself perched at the bow of the boat with our giant spotlight calling out directions to Keegan as we made our way back to the Ventura Yacht Club and a safe slip.

The Eells were there for us with a warm meal and a much needed hard cider. All in all our
Channel Islands adventure ended abruptly, but we are safe and warm and well fed. We'll wait out the gale for the next two days and then continue on with our adventures!


  1. Glad you made it through the wind storm! Yikes!


  2. Hi Amanda: This is Lucy Stephenson writing. I love this blog. We are viewing this vicariously and really enjoying it. What an exciting venture. Looking forward to our journey tomorrow. xo