Monday, March 25, 2013

New anchor, new sail, new sailors

The weather is turning and here on the bay we are seeing the first signs of Summer weather! The days are longer and the winds are stronger and the urge to go sailing every weekend is beyond control.

Since last posting we've been sailing, bobbing and anchoring as often as possible. Since our initial sail we have added a new main sail! She is a thing a beauty! After installation we also discovered that our boom is bent, but we'll figure that out later! :-) For now we're enjoying the crisp, full battened main and her newly installed two line reefing system! (For the non sailors out there, reefing allows you to pull in part of the sail when the winds get high. Therefore, you have less sail area and it makes it easier, and safer, to manage the boat's movements).

Over President's Day weekend we headed over to Paradise Cove for our first night at anchor aboard our little home. The weather was divine and the herring were spawning, which led to thousands of sea birds and dozens of seals and sea lions joining us in and around the cove. Who needs TV?!

On the first night of our anchoring adventure four of our friends zipped over on their motor boat to join us for dinner and drinks! What fun to have house guests while out and away from it all!

We passed our time reading and of course singing loudly with the ukulele.

Two weekends ago we were lucky enough to have two out of town friends join us for a sail. It was the first sail for both Julia and JJ and I must admit it was one of the most perfect days we've ever had. The winds were light but sustained on the trip out of the marina which allowed us ladies to lounge on the fore deck and sip cocktails while our noble captain kept us safe. Once all of that girliness was out of our system the wind picked up and Malabar showed us her speed. It was great fun to have two newbies on board AND see their excitement! Thanks for a GREAT day!

Projects continue on the boat. Keegan is continuing to work on our electrical system and is spending his spring break replacing all of our lighting with LED lights. What a guy! My next project is to build the bimini so we can be protected from the sun this summer! Updates will be coming soon!

OH---sometimes the wind doesn't blow and we have to entertain ourselves...see below.