Tuesday, June 25, 2013

With A Little Help From My Friends

On the journey to give Malabar all of the necessary upgrades there comes a time when it is obvious that you cannot go it alone! I have to give a major thanks to all of the following people for offering up their skills!

Matt and Brandi Kepner
EVERYONE at Tradewinds Sailing School and Club
Richard Andronaco Upholstery
JAFE Custom Finishing
Adam Gale of APG Metalworks
Plus all of the other amazing people I'm forgetting!! THANK YOU!!
Eleonora sews up Malabar's new Bimini!
Vincent adds the hinges to our new cockpit table

Adam makes us a new pipe to complete the stern rail!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fun with Friends and Boat Upgrades

We had a great day on the bay with our friends Jim and Drew last weekend! A warm anchorage and the ukulele gave us one of the most spectacular days on the bay this year!

We also finished several projects on Malabar this week! A new teak cockpit table, new bimini, new back-up drop boards AND new solar panels were ALL completed this week! Whew!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Fantasy vs. Reality

When we tell people of our plan to sail away to the warm, clear waters of the Sea of Cortez the reaction is usually one of envy. You can see the fantasy of warm sun and sandy beaches flash before their eyes. The idea of not doing the 9-5 grind and exploring small coastal villages is more than some can handle. To learn a new language, listen to new music and discover new foods. To spend every day in a bikini or flowing dress. To swim with seals and fish and dolphins. To watch the sunset in the west while in the arms of my love and a cocktail in my hand. It sounds SOOO good, right!! RIGHT!? I mean, this is the stuff that dreams are made of and are part of the reason we have decided to not wait, to not procrastinate, but to GO! And GO NOW!

Every cruiser's blog you read is full of tales like these! Of amazing days spent on the water and in magical places. Some of the more honest blogs also include stories of the bad days. The stormy days and the trying days make for good stories too. What I haven't been prepared for is the reality of it all. A year ago when these plans went into motion the fantasy of the idea was a driving force, but with only 14 weeks till departure the reality is startling.

Physically, life is rough right now. Keegan and I are both still working our full time jobs and I am doing side work to earn extra money, but we also have a huge list of projects to complete. So every ounce of free time during the week and weekend is spent working on the boat. We're exhausted, but that's not really the shocking part. We knew that we were working on a very tight timeline, but I know that in 14 weeks all of the hard work will be worth it.

No, the harder part of this present reality is the emotional strain. We see the day drawing close when Keegan has to say goodbye to his students, many of which he has been teaching for five years. If you want to see heartbreak tell a little girl that you're leaving and try to explain to a 6 year old how you're chasing a dream, not abandoning her. It will tear your soul.

Saying goodbye for now or maybe forever to our amazing friends and family is rough, but even it has not been the hardest part. You see, for us this adventure is not about just stepping away from our lives for a year or two to have a 'once in a lifetime experience'. For us, this is an entire reinvention. We are not leaving our lives, but taking them with us. We have packed ourselves into our boat with the possessions most important or necessary to our survival and we will be off to foreign lands in search of better versions of ourselves. We want to grow and be brave. We want to write the books we've always talked about but always set aside. We want to love and grow and live while we are alive.

But all of these great goals and aspirations require pain and sadness now. To move forward is to leave something of yourself behind. And this is the hardest part. It is the part that make your uncomfortable and the part that stops many people in their tracks. I now understand why many people plan to leave and never do. It is not the money and it is not the projects. It is not even the fear of the unknown. It is the deep, self inflicted sadness that is required. The death of certain parts of you to create a new and more beautiful life.

And so we move forward each day because our desires for what lies ahead are greater than the many pains and sadness's in our hearts. We move forward. We creep towards our departure date as bravely as possible because we know that it will be worth it. It must be worth it. Living is always the right choice even when the reality of what that means sits heavy on your heart and the fantasy of tropical palm trees are only a fuzzy vision in your mind's eye.