Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Oh geez, try and keep up now

Not all of our days are sunny. This, of course, applies to everyone, everywhere, but it seems to be so cut and dry out here on this adventure that it sort of makes you feel like you're losing your mind.

As I look back over my journals from our four days at Redondo Beach one day it sounds like life is perfection. Swim suits, yoga, craft projects, joy and sunshine. The next it sounds like the end of the world. Stress and fighting and crying and no place at the inn for ol' Malabar. Seriously, it is exhausting being me sometimes. Just imagine how poor Keegan feels!

But, this is life! This is change and growing pains are lame, but necessary!

The great news is that I think we've had a real mental breakthrough about this whole cruising lifestyle thing. Here is it, straight from the journal:

We had a great breakthrough the night before leaving King Harbor. Up to this point in our sailing careers it has been all about the actual act of sailing. We took sailing classes, sailed every weekend, practiced, practiced, practiced.

But cruising, it seems, is all about the destination. Enjoy the Journey - Yes, if you can, but don't count on your good memories coming from your journey, but from the destiation. Sailing is often stressful and laborious and boring, but it takes you to many beautiful places that you would never otherwise get to visit.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love our boat, our home and this realization doesn't make us regret anything. But, it has caused a very real shift in mentality, allowing us both to approach travel days and non-travel days in a much more positive light.

Enjoy the Journey. Sure! But it's more about appreciating the journey because of where it is taking you.
I feel a huge sense of freedom with my new mentality about our jouneys. It is making every day more enjoyable and less stressful.

Watch out we come!


  1. You are right Amanda, it is all about the journey! Most things in our lives are a continuing journey and sometimes we don't like the destination when we get there. Having a positive attitude, enjoying the ocean, being with each other and the wonders you are seeing (and writing about and sharing with us) are all part of this wonderful journey you and Keegan are on. Like all change, it takes getting use to and finding the happy medium in all aspects of daily life.
    You Got This! I love you both <3 Be Safe.

  2. Ok, you guys need to quit f-ing around and get the hell out of LA county. Seriously, enough of the 8 mile jaunts. Go frigging sailing now, or you won't. If you need a third hand for the longer passages, there's no shame in asking your friends. But seriously, quit f-ing around and start heading south. That's my one tough love moment f the day.