Monday, November 18, 2013

Beautiful Days Underway

As we departed Ventura, again, Keegan and I were joined by some guests on our 8 mile sail to Channel Islands Harbor. Jonathan, Audrey and Wyatt Eells were all aboard for an absolutely gorgeous hop down the coast. 

It was so great to have them aboard. A great downwind run in the warm sunshine was exactly what I’ve been dreaming about in this sailing journey. Unfortunately, as the seas got rolly and the wind died down sea sickness got the better of some of us. 

Luckily, we were just outside of the harbor so the sail came down and we motored in the last 30 minutes. Thanks Eells for the great day!

We departed Channel Islands Harbor the next day, but only made it an hour out before it became apparent that the wind and seas were not in our favor so we yet again turned around and spent two more nights at the Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club in Channel Islands Harbor. 

Turning around again way HARD. Infuriating even. It was starting to feel like we were NEVER GOING TO GET OUT OF VENTURA COUNTY. 

We used the two days of rest wisely by re-provisioning the boat, getting Keegan a haircut and re-tightening our stuffing box which had started to drip, drip, drip.

As we departed Channel Islands Harbor, again, we had wind on our nose and choppy seas for about two hour, but then the wind shifted and the rest of the day was absolute perfection. 

We passed by Malibu and along the Santa Monica coast. The water here is a beautiful, sparkling blue. Just to add more magic to a wonderful day trip we were visited by huge pods of dolphins on three different occasions.

What a treat! As the first pod passed we heard them squeaking in communication with each other! 

The sea gives and takes. It freightens and sooths the soul. It is endlessly unpredictable and yet it seems that whenever I have almost nothing left to give it fills my spirit to overflowing.

Keegan working on the stuffing box

Staying entertained with knot tying games

Thanks for the awesome game Celeste!

Heading out!

Shaking out a reef

Wyatt and Keegan play chess underway

Wyatt and Audrey enjoying a snack

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