Monday, November 4, 2013

Morro to Ventura

After several days of rest, my first public shower requiring quarters to operate and a re-fueling of the boat it was time to head south again. It was time for our longest leg yet! 130 miles, through the night, rounding Point Conception.

For those not familiar with navigating the west coast, Point Conception is a part of the state that juts out into the sea. It marks the unofficial division between Northern and Southern California. It is also infamous for its terrible sailing conditions.

Departing Morro Bay was divine. Wind at our backs and comfortable seas which  made for a great day of sailing!! We quickly discovered the benefits of a preventer as we managed to snap our boom vang moments after putting up the sail. Fortunately, we were able to do a temporary fix on the vang, get the preventer attached and be on our way.

We made great time throughout the day as we sailed south at 6 kts. As the sun began to set a pod of 100 dolphins celebrated with Malabar as they splashed and bounced and jumped on all sides! They were even jumping across the bow in front of us. It was a wonderful way to head into the night!
We took down sail and started to motor for the night portion of the trip and the rounding of Point Conception. We were not disappointed as the Point lived up to its reputation. Winds went from 5kts to 30kts and the waves came from every direction. Keegan stayed at the helm for four straight hours and fought the seas. He and Malabar held their own and got us to the other side safely.

Keegan had one moment of true fear as a wave broke into the cockpit, but it drained quickly and was not too severe. But imagine the sensation of feeling water come into your boat when you can't see it coming! The moon had not yet risen and it was DARK!

After we passed around Point Conception life got easy. The winds calmed to nothing and the seas were flat. The air began to warm and Southern California welcomed us with a beautiful sunrise.

As we entered Ventura Harbor our friend Jonathan rowed out to meet us and guide us to our slip. We were absolutely exhausted, but so excited to see our friends, the Eells Family, that we didn't care about all of the hours and miles and stress of the previous 26 hours. We had made it to a safe harbor with the promise of a few days of earned rest ahead!

Sydney and Audrey walking around the Marina

Sydney taking a break!


  1. Next time, try putting in your deep reef while you're motoring. You'll find it faster and a LOT more stable.

  2. Good to hear u made it! Bet its nice to feel the promise of warmth!

  3. I am enjoying following your adventures on Malabar. You both deserve a rest after sailing around Point Conception. Glad you made it without any mishaps.