Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Marina del Rey and L.A.

We motored into Marina del Rey without a plan. This marina is gigantic but, thankfully, well organized. We slid up to the transient dock and started calling yacht clubs in the hope that one of them would have some vacancy at their guest docks and offered reciprocal benefits with our yacht club, Marina Bay YC.

So far on our adventure we’ve been very fortunate to have spent 13 nights at the guest docks of various yacht clubs and all but four of those have been complimentary. If you’re thinking of cruising give some serious consideration to joining a yacht club. The benefits have already paid for our yearly membership!

The Pacific Mariner’s YC here at del Rey kindly made room for Malabar at their docks and we had a home for three nights. Best of all, it is very close to Joe and Maryann DePietro, the friends we’ve come to Los Angeles to visit!

Joe and Maryann took us on a tour of LA. Past the Chinese theatre, by the Hollywood sign, thru Beverly Hills and out to Malibu. We had an amazing weekend hanging out with these two. I think our favorite part of the visit was hanging at their apartment and having a music night. So fun to sing and play and laugh with good people. 

As we’re wrapping up our LA experience I think Keegan and I can conclusively say that this is not the town for us. It became a running joke during our tour with the DePietros that “We can go see that....but you’re going to be disappointed.” Between the volume of traffic, people and smog and the lack of green spaces and natural breasts I think we’re ready to move on and leave LA to the stars.

Joe and Maryann in Malibu

Music night

Yay coffee!

Speaking of underwhelming..tar pits

This TOTALLY redeemed the tar pits


  1. Glad ur still moving forward! Love the updates, keep 'em coming!

  2. What is that?? A groundhog statue? It is quite rad.

    Thanks for the post card--everyone here at the shop loved getting it and then they told embarrassing stories about you :)