Monday, December 9, 2013

San Diego and a lot of sunrises

Upon departure from Catalina Harbor we made the 54 mile passage to Dana Point for the night. After a week of near seclusion from people it was a shock to the senses to see all of the people and boat traffic at Dana Point. We pumped out the head, filled up the diesel and water tanks and tucked into a very full anchorage for the night.

After anchoring another boat came in and anchored a little too close for comfort, but we managed to make it thru the night without hitting. Unfortunately, at 5am when we were trying to leave that boat was positing over our anchor, so we got our first chance of trying to maneuver around a power boat and pull up the anchor all without hitting. A little stressful, but ultimately successful.

The trip down to San Diego was beautiful and we made great time! Two hours less than we had anticipated. We pulled into the public guest dock for them night and were thrilled to see Josh of s/v La Gitana already at the docks. We met Josh all the way back in Ventura when we were docked with one of the yacht clubs. It is always  nice to see a smiling face when you land in a new place.

We are now anchored at the cruisers anchorage next to the Coast Guard Station. So far it is a pretty decent anchorage and if nothing else you just can't beat the unobstructed view of downtown. Feels almost too good to be true. Lots more to come on San Diego as we will be here for a bit doing repairs and re-provisioning, but for now enjoy some pictures of awesome things we've seen already!

Pretty Sunrise leaving Catalina

Keegan not really taking his job seriously

Beautiful sunrise leaving Dana Point

Canadian ship in SD harbor

View from my back porch

Sunset in SD anchorage

How 'bout that view?

Hey, that's the USS Carl Vincent!

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  1. The pictures are beautiful! I would like to wake up and see that but instead I see snow!