Monday, December 16, 2013

Busy Week in San Diego

After a rainy, cold, unproductive week in San Diego last week we were pleased to see the sun return and the temperatures begin to rise this week! We have had a great week in SD doing some sight seeing, visiting with friends and getting all (almost) of the To Do list completed!

We spent a great day visiting the Maritime Museum! They have a replica of the HMS Surprise which some of you will know from the movie Master and Commander. 

They also had two submarines, one of which had a unique entrance to make sure that you wouldn't get stuck when you actually climbed into the sub. 

This museum is also where the replica of the s/v America lives. This was the first sail boat to participate in and win the America's Cup. Also, it's the boat that this sailing prize was named after. 

The Star of India is a sailing vessel celebrating its 150th birthday this year. This ship was impressive! And even more impressive that it can still sail after all of these years!

We generally geeked out at the museum and learned a lot from the very friendly docents. 

Keegan found the children's ship model and claimed it for himself. 

I decided the children's ship was small potatoes so I claimed the Star of India for our old sailing club back in San Francisco, Tradewinds Sailing School and Club. Sorry guys, no delivery so you'll have to come pick her up yourselves. :-)

We also had a special guest this week! Brenda Eells came down for an overnight and some hang out time. We had a wonderful visit and a great lunch in SD. They had blankets! 

We love having guests because it gives us an excuse to eat something other than oatmeal for breakfast! A little food art for breakfast on s/v Malabar.

We were most surprised this week when we returned from being on shore all day long to see the s/v Shakedown anchored right in front of us! Hal and Nancy, Shakedown's owners, left shortly after we did from Marina Bay in San Francisco. It was so exciting to see friends!

A lot of this week's productivity was thanks to our new friends Josh and Sachi (doggy) of s/v La Gitana. Josh had a car here in SD and drove us all over to re-provision and buy supplies. Luckily, he was also getting his boat ready for departure. It was an unbelievable blessing that he was so willing to let us tag along! Plus, Sachi is adorable, so that was pretty great too!

Happily, I was able to help Josh with a canvas project as well! My little Kenmore sewing machine performed admirably!

Some of this week's projects included making our dinghy and outboard less desirable to robbers and purchasing a better dinghy lock. Plus, we purchased wet suits and snorkel gear and fins so we are all ready for exploring underwater! Even better, we got all of these items used from out of the back of a guys truck. Bargains!

We only have a couple of 'crucial' items left to check off the list, like going to see The Hobbit while it's still available to us in English, and changing the oil. With any luck we'll be making our way to Ensenada before mid week! 


  1. OH! What a wonderful post! I love Sachi from here :) I see Keegan is still wearing his flip flops. Oh yea, it's warm there, not like here!
    The trip to the Maritime Museum looked awesome and I am sure you both enjoyed it as is evident by the photos. Keegan and the children's model is a hoot! He would have had me in stitches.
    I am glad to see that little Kenmore is earning her keep. I knew she would handle any task put before her.
    I know Josh will have sailed when you read this but I hope he knows how thankful I am that he was there. It was probably so nice to see his boat docked when you arrived in SD Harbor.
    Tradewinds is well represented with the arrival of Hal and Nancy! I hope their adventure is going well too.
    I hope you make time to see The Hobbit, but I think changing the oil should take top priority (hehe).
    I know you were looking forward to Brenda's visit and am so glad you had a wonderful time. Just wish I was there too. Glad the café came with blankets :)
    It is snowy here again today after a weekend of rain, the big snow missed us again. I think there will be snow on the ground for Christmas again this year.
    Love you both!

  2. Looking good in the wet suit! Keegan at the helm of the model is hilarious. Just so you know, I have a couple of friends here at work following your Blog. They love it and think you are a wonderful writer. Keep up the good work. Miss you guys. -John Bogert

  3. Hi Amanda!! I am enjoying reading all of your posts and getting a glimpse of your travels. West Lafayette is still the same.
    Lori Cabot

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