Monday, December 23, 2013


I'll beg forgiveness straight away with this post as I am already half asleep, but wanted to let everyone know that we have arrived! In Mexico, that is!

After another week of changing the oil, maintaining the engine and then waiting for three days for weather to pass we finally left San Diego and had a great trip south to Ensenada.

The highlight of our last week in SD was definitely washing our hair. Yep, we are easy to entertain! Without access to showers we've been doing well keeping the rest of ourselves clean in the sink, but hair can be a challenge. We read about soaking your head in a baking soda and warm water solution then rinsing. Shockingly, I think it actually worked better than regular shampoo!

We had a pod of eight dolphins swim our bow for about 20 minutes this afternoon and that was really spectacular to see, but it was not the most memorable moment of today's trip. That award goes to our first attempt at fishing. Let's just say it's important to make sure the you know where the end of your line is because we dropped it and our brand new cedar lure and our heavy gage line all went straight into the deep blue. Oh well! Lesson learned.

Upon arriving to Ensenada we just decided to take a walk and grab some fish tacos prepared by someone else! A pretty tasty arrival to our Mexico experience!

Finally, Merry Christmas to everyone!! Thanks for following our adventures and for sending your comments. It really means a lot to both of us!
Love, Amanda and Keegan

Hair washing

Keep is classy San Diego

YAY! Mexico courtesy flag

Ensenada puppy parade!




  2. Hooray! Mexico is lucky to have you! The Shop is jealous because it's so dang cold in here. Also, please email us some fish tacos.


  3. Great job Dwyers!! Congrats! Do you mind blogging a bit about getting to / checking into Ensenada? Arrival, anchoring / docking, how the check in process went, paperwork, etc?