Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Catalina Harbor and Thanksgiving!

Aftern a great week at Avalon Harbor we sailed around to the other side of the island to the secluded, protected Catalina Harbor. We arrived on Saturday and anxiously anticipated the arrival of our friends the Eells Family on s/v Valhalla Sunday afternoon!

They arrived on time and in high spirits after their journey from Ventura, CA. We had a great time over the next few days exploring this end of the island and the tiny town of Two Harbors. We found some great tree swings, went on hikes and played on the beach. We are all now expert beachcombers!

Unfortunately, some technical difficulties caused the s/v Valhalla and it's crew to have to depart for home earlier than anticipated. We got a knock on the boat at 4:40am on Wed morning and found Jonathan, the dad, outside our boat with this sad news and a bag filled with Thanksgiving fixings. We were so sad to see them go!!

I funneled my sadness into baking, lucky Keegan, and declared that we would be celebrating Thanksgiving a day early. As luck would have it, Mark and Andrea, the couple we met while in Avalon Harbor had also made their way to Catalina Harbor and were able to come over and join in our feast. It made the holiday a little cheerier, even though it was not exactly the way we had expected the holiday to go.

All in all, we highly recommend this harbor and had a wonderful time! Next, San Diego here we come!!
Beautiful rock coloration

This is Keegan's new invention. Spam Hash...totally good!

Mmmm...Cranberry Bread!

Thanksgiving! Yes, that is whipped cream...don't judge.

Keegan carrying the laundry to town.

The road home.

Silliness on the beach.

Eells children being crazy!

Marshmallow roasting!

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