Sunday, October 27, 2013

Visitors in Monterey

Our last day in Monterey was graced by the presence of my brother, Joshua, and sister-in-law Alessa who came in from Napa. After another trip to the fish market where Keegan made Alessa select the seafood for our dinner we had a great stroll to Cannery Row for history and clam chowder samples!

It was so wonderful to share an evening with family aboard Malabar. It was really the evening we needed to get ourselves ready for the next leg of our journey to Morro Bay.

Josh and Alessa stayed the night and hung out with us until 3pm and we headed out of the harbor at four for our first big, overnight leg to Morro Bay!
Awesome fishing vessel coming home


Alessa enjoying her squid experience

Sea Nettle

Sea nettle swimming around the sea dock

Star fish

Alessa with the sea otter

Malabar Guests chowing down!

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  1. Looks like you had a great visit with Joshua & Alessa. I am glad Alessa got to see your 'otter' friend and spend time with you and Keegan.
    Love you all <3