Sunday, October 6, 2013

Departure Update

After my last day of work on the 27th and a great bon voyage party on the 28th we were ready to go! Well...almost. Okay, not really ready at all!

We spent the last week working on projects. Jack lines, lee clothes and the first half of our nose cone are complete. New halyard up and new anchor locker hinge installed. BUT, we found out that our propeller shaft is offset by 1/4", so we have to re-adjust the engine and one of the burners on our stove keeps shooting out fireballs, so we still have a few SMALL issues to deal with before departure.

It has been both wonderful a great distraction to have our good friend Noel in town this week from Ohio. Amazing to get to spend a few days with him and share our boat. We also figured out how to sleep a third person on Malabar even when we're fully provisioned.

We are leaving. We are leaving soon, hopefully. I feel like we are in this weird purgatory where everyone knows we are leaving and we know we are leaving but no one knows when. So, each time we see a friend we're not entirely sure if this is the last time or not. Keegan and I are just trying to keep focused and get our bow pointed south as soon as possible.

Updates and pictures will be along soon. Hopefully an update from outside of Marina Bay Yacht Harbor before...oh, I don't know...Christmas?

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