Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Hectic Marina

October 15, 2013

The sea lions are having a morning swim behind Malabar. We arrived in Monterey Harbor yesterday around noon for a couple days of R&R. Yesterday's short trip from Santa Cruz to Monterey was awesome. Definitely the best leg so far! Humpback whales were everywhere! Sea otters and dolphins abound. If you were to dream of a magical sea life adventureland Monterey and its bay would be it!

Upon arrival to the marina we got turned around in the rather confusing area and nearly ran aground. I'll take all of the heat for this one since I was the navigator, but thanks to Keegan's mad motoring skills he got us turned around and out of harm's way. Thanks to Tradewinds Sailing School and it's Advanced Docking and Motoring class for the aforementioned mad skills!

We finally found our way to the diesel dock and a safe place to tie up while we got our bearings, but there is so much happening at this marina that it almost made thinking difficult. There are two channels of entrance and a huge mooring field in between making it hard to tell what is what. The large jetty/breakwater at the marina entrance is covered with sea lions and they are cacophonous. It was a shock to the senses after so many days of relative quiet. Boats and kayakers and howling sea lions, OH MY!

One sea lion decided he was going to swim along side us as we tried to make the narrow entrance toward our slip. I, of course, was delighted. Keegan was mostly afraid Mr. Lion was going to try and board our vessel.

All ended well! We got the boat all put away and walked thru town for a little Trader Joe's shopping. A fine dinner at Chez Malabar topped of the evening and we both slept like rocks. Today, more adventures to be had!

Listen to the sea lions!

Our back door neighbors


  1. As usual we wait w/baited breath for the next chapter of ur adventure! Miss u guys already!

  2. Great blog.details really paint the picture of your journey