Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Notes From Our Journey 10/12

The following are the notes from my journal recorded the morning of October 12th:

This morning we awake in Half Moon Bay. Yesterday's journey from Marina Bay Yacht Harbor, under the Golden Gate Bridge, past the infamous PotatoPatch and south was almost pleasant. The chilled air kept us bundled head to foot and the long, slow swells on our quarter brought nausea to the surface. Thank heaven for an ample supply of ginger on board.

We made the 38 mile journey in just over 7 hours, entirely under motor. The wind was directly on our nose for the first six hours. Winds shifted to the NorthWest just before arriving at Pillar Point harbor.

Anchoring went quite easily with Keegan at the helm and me manning the anchor. After careful consideration of the weather and crew morale we have decided to remain in Half Moon Bay for an additional night or two.

**On Pillar Point Harbor - From where we sit anchored in the NorthWest corner of the harbor the horn making the entrance jetty sounds regularly and the dozen or so sailboats on moorings or at anchor bob slowly in the nearly non-existent wind.

A dilapidated green building sits on an abandoned pier marking a time gone by. But this is not a place of only bygone memories. Even as the fog hangs heavy over the nearby hills life is everywhere. On the shore dozens of people walk the beaches and thru the park. Dogs are splashing into the chilly waters to fight for a thrown ball. Pelicans sit on the jetty and a sea lion swims by s/v Malabar to check us out.

The kayakers and stand-up paddle boarders make their way about these spacious, protected waters. All told, this seems a perfectly good place to spend a weekend sipping coffee and considering the reality of our new normal.

A foggy morning at anchor

Keegan practices ukulele

Half Moon Bay Yacht Club's races circle the anchorage


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    1. Jorn,
      We're heading south to Baja and the Sea of Cortez. Probably won't reach Mexico until mid-November. Plan is to stay in Mexico cruising for about year and if we still love it head south, then west!