Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Catching Up

Life has been busy for the captain and crew of Malabar over the last six weeks! The holiday season on D Dock was celebrated by many with colorful lights. I'll admit that I miss them now that they have all been taken down!

Work has continued on our standing rigging, but our schedule was thrown off by several very rainy weeks in December. Alas, the best laid plans sometimes get totally trashed by Mother Nature! But, we are SO THRILLED to announce that the rigging is COMPLETE!! The final touches were added yesterday and the aloft rig inspection is scheduled for tomorrow which means that in just a few short days we will own an actual sailing vessel, not just underpowered motor boat! YAY!

Happy to report that our rigging project has been a very educational experience and even stayed within budget! Shocking! We did have to give up on the old roller furler and order a new one. Sometimes dismanteling equipment from the 70's is just not worth the effort.

Enjoy the potporri of pictures below featuring our holiday season, final aloft work and a great day of snow, snow, snow while visiting family over the holiday!

**As of one hour ago, our standing rigging has passed inspection! Our boat is safe to sail!**

April and Watson fight the rigging pins

Hello Down There!

Candy Cane Mast!

A Great Gift from Keegan's Student

Boat lights

Holiday slippers with non-skid bottoms! Thanks Monica!

Enjoying the snow in Ohio!

My Bro..in the snow.

Merry Christmas!

Keegs enjoying our awesome Christmas present!

Installing boots!

Finishing up the last of our rig work!

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