Monday, January 28, 2013

Malabar Under Sail

I'll admit, there were some nerves. After weeks of working on the rigging, hours of installing a new roller furler and at least 20 minutes of running catastrophic scenarios, the time had come for Malabar to set sail!

Winds were light at noon on the 20th of January as we fired up the motor and headed out of the channel. It seemed like only a few minutes before we were at the entrance to the Bay and it was time to hoist. Main sail UP! Jib OUT! And...we....were...OFF!

Even with light winds our beautiful home headed off towards Angel Island. The sun was brilliant overhead and the air crisp and clean. I think we're in love.

Thanks so much to our friend, John, for taking some photos of Malabar's big day. They are great!

We were lucky enough to go out again this past Saturday and experience all the bay has to offer. 20+ kt winds, 3-4ft quartering seas and more kelp and logs floating at the current lines than I've ever seen! Even with her worn out main sail Malabar held her own! Thanks to our friends and neighbors, the Eells, for tagging along on our wild ride!

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