Monday, November 19, 2012

Problem Solving

Keegan decided to tackle the problem with our leaky faucets this week. Successfully replacing the bathroom faucet he headed to the kitchen, but after three hours of frustration he tabled the project until this past weekend. 

The challenge with the kitchen faucet was that the washers under the unit were behind a deep sink, inside of a cupboard that is about 12"W. Fortunately, Keegan has an enthusiastic wife and with determination I wedged myself into the cupboard to inspect! Sadly, no amount of prying, turning, cussing or dremeling would convince the rusty, old washers to free our faucet. 

We would no be bested!! We would not fail! Time for problem solving! Sawzall to the rescue. Thanks to Tradewinds and to our dock buddy, Jonathan, we powered thru the faucet, separating its head from its body. Sometimes all you need is a big power tool to solve your problems!


Heading in for inspection!


Sawzall to the rescue!!

So loud! Keegan solves the problem!


Happily installing new faucet


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