Sunday, November 4, 2012

Moving to Malabar

After one action packed month of preparation we have finally moved to Malabar! As it turns out, this has been one of the easiest moves we've ever done. The benefit of moving into a small space is that you can't bring, well, anything. All furniture, bikes, etc. were sold on Craig's List so, three loads in the Yaris and we were officially on board!

On Sunday, many of our wonderful friends joined us for the christening of s/v Malabar. Keegan removed the vessel's old name on Saturday and our new lettering was pressed into place 24 hours later. With a few words to Poseidon and the gods of the wind, plus a bottle of champagne, and we have ourselves a home!

Keegan Removing Old Name

Keegan Cooking Breakfast

Erik lounging

Christening Party

Good Friends!!

Champagne for Poseidon

To Malabar!

Welcome Home!

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