Thursday, February 13, 2014

Perks of Ohio

Choosing to return to Ohio for 6 months prior to re-establishing ourselves in San Francisco was the right choice. It has been so amazing to see my parents every day, hit the gym with my mom and have very few distractions from the tasks at hand. I mean, in SF I would be running to the park every day or going out sailing or visiting with friends. Here it is -2 degrees this morning. I don’t even leave the house unless absolutely necessary. Fewer distractions equals more productivity.

I am missing SF though. This morning all I could think about was a cup of Blue Bottle Coffee and I have given serious thought to having the Pad Thai from Lers Ros overnighted. (Wonder if I could use my Amazon Prime?)

But a recent trip to Columbus - 2 hours West of Plainfield - gave us a chance at a culinary treat that SF doesn’t offer, Schmidt’s!
Schmidt’s is a German restaurant complete with dirndl wearing waitresses and a sausage buffet. Come to think of it, Sausage Buffet could have a totally different meaning in SF, but I digress.

Sausage buffet....
Brats, knockwurst, sausage, two types of sauerkraut, German potato salad and more! Gorge on these German delights until you can’t move. They also have a salad bar, but why waste the stomach space? You don’t go to a place with a buffet to watch your calorie consumption!
Just when you think it can’t get better it’s time to split a Schmidt’s cream puff! This is what they are known for and while it was totally worth breaking my typically Gluten Free diet for a bite, I’m not sure it is humanly possible to finish one of these bad boys in one sitting. 
While the food was definitely good and the company even better (Hi, Trent!) Keegan and I were both left missing The Baltic in Point Richmond, CA. If you’ve never been it is totally worth the drive from SF.

Trent and Keegan
Many more Ohio delicacies await our consumption over the coming months. Trail Bologna. Pearl Valley cheese. The Amish Door restaurant - lard NEVER tasted so good!

The next 6 months may not include any Opera, flash mobs or bike rides over the Golden Gate Bridge, but we are truly enjoying this great opportunity to be with family, get focused on new careers and enjoy the flavors of Ohio.

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  1. when you return: blue bottle and !!! :)