Thursday, February 20, 2014

My 5 Favorite Things About Living on Land

After living on a sailboat for over a year, there are parts of living in a house on land that seem downright luxurious! There are, of course, many things I miss about living on S/V Malabar, but these five little perks of being a land lubber are making the transition truly enjoyable.

1. Toilet Paper 

3-ply! You heard me right! After 15 months of single ply, 2 sheet per visit limit I am reveling in the opulence of 3-ply toilet paper! A boat's waste system is temperamental on its best days; so to save yourself from a truly disgusting job you have to learn to make do with nothing more than a wisp of TP. No more! Squeeze that Charmin, baby!

2. Refrigerator and Freezer 

Yesterday I bought a 5lb package of bacon. Why? Because bacon is delicious, of course! AND I have a freezer! No longer do I need to buy small quantities of perishables. No more do I have to eat the same thing for all three meals in a day just so it won't go bad! No kidding, having a full sized refrigerator and freezer makes me feel like the Queen of England.

3. Baths 

I'm a girl who LOVES a bubble bath. LOVES! This was the #1 thing I missed while living on the boat and having it back in my life is incredible. As charming as community showers have been for the last year there is something outrageously opulent about not having to wear flip flops when it's time to get clean. Did I mention that these baths also include HOT water that doesn't require running your engine first? Yea, this land thing is pretty sweet!

4. No Tipping 

I no longer live in a constant state of stowing. I can leave a cup of tea in a china cup on the edge of the counter because another house isn't going to come flying thru my anchorage and send all of my belongings flying across the room in its wake. What a concept!

5. Laundry Without Quarters 

This is a true miracle. It has been years since I was able to do laundry in my own home without having to run to the bank for quarters first. I can do laundry and watch TV. I can pop clothes in the dryer and walk into another room and cook dinner. This might seem mundane, but it is truly amazing! These appliances of daily living save us so much time and having one in my home is awesome!

I love that I can appreciate these things that I once took for granted. Living without is a great way of seeing just how lucky we are to have these luxuries as a part of our every day life. Makes you realize just how good we have it!

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  1. Mmm...laundry in the home. I dream of these things. I accidentally bought 1-ply toilet paper in a 12-pack, so I feel your pain. Soon we will have 2-ply!