Friday, September 6, 2013

As Departure Nears....An Invitation Arrives

With 24 days to departure life at the s/v Malabar is, well, hectic. Keegan and I have been working away and I'll get a post up soon about the last minute upgrades that have been happening over the last two weeks. But first, an invitation!

On September 28th we will be having an open house (boat) at 5pm followed by a Bon Voyage party at 6pm. The party will be a Tradewinds Sailing School next to the marina (Marina Bay in Richmond). If you'd like to stop by and see what a sailing vessel about to head out on a voyage looks like, or to share a pint with us, please consider yourselves invited! All are welcomed! If you'd like to stay and share a meal, please bring along something to share!

-Amanda + Keegan

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