Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Obladi Oblada

Last weekend was a busy one for the crew of Malabar. Keegan and I finally bit the bullet and installed our Monitor Windvane. This awesome piece of equipment mounts onto the back of our boat and acts as a self steering mechanism. Using the wind and water to steer, the windvane will be a third crew member as we are making passages. We are very excited to go out this weekend to give it a try! Imagine, a machine steering the boat for us and using NO ELECTRICITY!

After a long, sweaty, bloody day of work on this project we joined in at the Tradewinds Sailing School and Club's bi-monthly social. Thanks to The Castaways for letting me join in for a few songs!

Sunday was a day of celebration as we played host to a brunch for our friends Cathy and Steve and then were able to host a surprise birthday dinner for our friends Andrew and Jen.

La la how the life goes on!


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