Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Trip to Half Moon Bay That Wasn't

It was calm and beautiful Saturday morning in the marina as we loosed the dock lines and embarked on our first offshore adventure. We had spent the week tracking the weather and buoy data and all signs pointed to a great day to take a trip to Half Moon Bay.

We motored out into a calm bay and Keegan prepared breakfast as we headed ever closer to the Golden Gate Bridge. Jack lines in place, harnesses and tethers on and out the gate we went.

As this was our first time leaving the bay, we had no real data set for what we would experience next. What we found was 7-8ft swells every 5-8 seconds and 25kt winds on our nose. This in itself would have been uncomfortable, but not frightening. It was the unexpected 10ft breaking waves the came at us from an opposing direction that surprised us!

About 2 miles out the gate we were heading up a wave in front of us and had a wave break into the side of our cockpit. Let's be honest, we were scared! But, I'm happy to say that we focused, kept our cool, communicated well and continued onward in the hopes that this was just a patch and that further out things would even out. We continued onward, but at 6 miles out the gate conditions had not improved and we were only progressing forward at 2 knots. We decided we had nothing to prove and to turn around and head back home.

Now that the wind was at our back and the waves were pushing in behind us we FLEW back into the bay. 10.3 knots! Ironically, as we returned to the location where we took on our first wave the conditions had changed completely and it was calm and beautiful. Oh Poseidon, you're so fickle!

Keegan and I pulled into a mooring at Angel Island on the way home to have some lunch, take naps and come down off of the adrenaline from our excursion. Although we did not reach our intended destination we were so pleased with our experience!

Malabar held her own and made us feel confident that she can carry us to sea safely. Keegan and I both stayed focused and communicated even when pressure was high and (THANKFULLY!) neither of us has a propensity for sea sickness!

I wasn't sure what this weekend's adventure would bring. Would we return ready to sell the boat and move back to land or would we feel a greater confidence in our abilities and our boat. I'm happy to say that we'll continue to call Malabar our home. A home that will take us around the world.


  1. Congrats , we left the Bay area in Dec, now heading to Hawaii from Mexico this weekend.

    Please give my regards to Brandy and Matt.


    1. How great! Safe travels and I'll tell B & M you say hello!