Thursday, October 11, 2012

To Great Beginnings

As many of you already know, Keegan and I have set out on another adventure! Just a few short weeks ago we purchased a 1979 Islander 36 sailboat to call home! It is not lost on us that our boat is now the oldest member of our relationship or that moving onto a boat will require some lifestyle changes, but this is a dream we have had for many years and we are thrilled that the change is upon us!

For the sake of all you curious readers (mostly my mother) we will be posting to this blog about cleaning and moving and projects and parties and adventures. Come take a journey with us and together we can figure out where to store all of my shoes.



  1. Shoes can be put in the lockers behind your new laundry room.

  2. Your mom told me about your great adventure so I decided to visit your blog and see your new home. I love your pictures and admire young people who follow their dreams. I live in a small house, not as small as yours, and am always looking for ways to save space. You could get a shoe bag to hang up and store them vertically in a closet or locker or wherever. I wish you the best on your new journey.